Kacie Kulture Productions

Artists Supporting Artists

Our Mission

Paying homage to Kacie Kulture’s roots and humble beginnings, we are excited to forge a new path focused on community and collaboration with Kacie Kulture Productions. Taking on bigger projects and developing inclusive, interactive performances and beyond means we can truly embody our vision statement of artists supporting artists. This is the essence of Kacie KULTURE.

Where We Started

Established in 2017, Kacie Kulture is all about controlled chaos and embracing everything that is perfectly imperfect in this life! The origins of Kacie Kulture Productions are just as important as where it is going.

What started as just one person pursuing their passion is quickly growing into an artistic movement inspired by artists supporting artists and guided by 3 pillars;

  • We are more alike than we are different
  • Don't be afraid to fail
  • Authentic Expression

Our goal is to showcase Ottawa's hidden gems through collaboration and community to give artists just like us a platform to shine.

-------------------------Projects In Progress----------------------

The Divine Circus - A Four Act Series

This series focuses on different phases/emotions that we all experience at one point in our lives. Overall coming together to highlight that while yes, all of our stories are unique, what our hearts feel tends to be the same.

The series aims to show the neverending cycling we go through in life as we understand ourselves more and more.

The First show took place at PourBoy Pub in Ottawa, Ontario, on April. 20th. 2024. It showcased 7 local artists in a 4 act show, meant to leave you a little confused in the Khaos. We had drag, poetry, videography, paintings, live music and it was all wrapped up with the grand reveal of a series of hand painted leather jackets by artist Kacie Avery, devoted to different moments of KHAOS.

We are so proud to say the show was a huge success! With tickets selling out in just 15 hours, 2 months before the event and an overall review of experience like nothing else! We are also proud to say the next show is already in the works.

Stay tuned for more details on - The Breaking Point - November. 22. 2024

KHAOS - April.20.2024 - Act 1

Celerbating The Khaos That Comes With All Creation!

 Producing the inaugural Kacie Kulture Productions art show called “KHOAS” held at Centretown’s PourBoy Pub. This show brought together 7 local artists with backgrounds in various forms of artistic expression, to perform in one night celebrating the Khaos that comes with creation. This was the first in a 4 part series with heavy community demand for a bigger venue and more tickets for the next show since KHAOS sold out in just 15 hours.

This Show has drag, poetry, live music, animations, live videography, paintings, a custom signature drink for the night created by Kacie Avery puting his years of bartending into use in a show that doubled down on as must Khoas we could fit into one night. The show's grand finale was the release of 8 hand painted leather jackets by Avery that all paid homage to different moments of Khaos.

The show was a dream come true and lit a fire in the hearts of both producers Kacie Avery and Heather Williams starting a snowball effect of Kacie Kulture Productions' future!

The Breaking Point - Act 2

Coming Soon - November 2024


Meet The Team

Kacie Avery -------------------------------------------------------------President of Creative Design and Develpment

Kacie Avery founded Kacie Kulture in 2020 to sell art, building a website and honouring controlled chaos, and all that is purposely imperfect in this life. In October 2023, Kacie opened Kacie Kulture Tattoos, and is the sole tattoo artist here! He developed the logo and all branding for the studio, and builds long-lasting relationships with clients by communicating from first inquiry to the appointment.  Being the owner comes with a lot of responsibility, like inventory and restock weekly, working with clients on design, colour, size, and uses his expertise to guide clients toward a tattoo that they will love.

Heather Williams ------------------------------------------------------Vice President Of Creative Design and Development

Heather has been part of Kacie Kulture since October 2023, when Kacie opened his Tattoo Studio! She does a number of things here, some being developing ideas and strategies to help with the growth of Kacie Kulture Productions. She also helps with coordinating talent/artists for multimedia inter-art projects, organizes meetings with potential clients and collaborators, as well as explores new wayss to connect our community, and contribute to KKP’s core value, of artists supporting artists!

Sonja Jensen------------------------------------------------------------Director of Communications

Sonja helps our front line with communication and scheduling for Kacie Kulture. While also being our favourite jack-of-all-trades, Sonja's ability to adapt with creative problem solving is a key part in taking Kacie Kulture to the next level.

Justin Piche -------------------------------------------------------------Community Liaison & Logistics Coordinator

A versatile professional offering 10+ years of distinguished experience, from bench to bedside, across a wide range of artistic, logistical and psychosocial specialities. Able to draw upon complementary artistic and academic backgrounds toward the design, planning, and successful execution of collaborative, multidisciplinary creative productions. Natural aptitude for initiating and promoting inclusive, enthusiastic, and productive interdisciplinary collaboration.